Happy 2020 -Let’s dolaborate into the new decade!

28 Jan , 2020  

2020 visual

The year 2020 is not only the beginning of a new decade for me but it also marks the beginning of a new phase in my life. After 4 years in New Delhi, India, we moved back to Berlin last summer. Finally, I start having the feeling of really having arrived. Dolaborating mermaids I am continuously […]


Mango Meter – A feminist film-rating app

18 Feb , 2019  

My role in many projects is the one of a facilitator. I help others to work creatively and collaboratively. Sometimes this happens in longer projects sometimes it just happens in short workshops of two or three days. Many of these workshops are revolving around some issues, which my clients would like to solve. The teams […]

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Scenario thinking about northern Africa in 2025

5 Dec , 2017  

Hosted by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung young leaders from Morocco and Tunisia developed scenarios on the future of their respective countries. Read more about their process of scenario thinking here…

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DIF 2017

6 Nov , 2017  

DIF 2017

Join me at the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2017 on Friday, Nov. 10, 2o17. I will talk about Collaboration Experience Design: How to Create Engaging Collaboration Experiences that Produce Results?   The DIF is an online event taking place over the next weeks. This years topic is: “What if we could redesign everything?” That’s the question we will […]

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Article: New paradigm of design education

11 Sep , 2017  

The new design paradigma

Together with Andrea Augsten we have conducted a study on the current design education in Germany. We wanted to understand how collaborative approaches such as service design, design thinking and co-creation influence the way how design students are trained. Since we both strongly believe in the power of collaborative approaches, we wanted to understand if and […]

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Designing for behavior change

28 Aug , 2017  

Prototying for behavior change

In a previous post I described the Kick-Off workshop of a project with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in India on how to change the patriarchal mindset. We support the FES partner organizations in order to think about their work in the field of gender equality from a new perspective. By building empathy for people who are usually […]

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Tips on how to enable true collaboration vs. mere cooperation

2 Aug , 2017  

Team having fun collaborating

This article describes the difference between cooperation and collaboration and gives tips on how to create a culture of collaboration.

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