Mango Meter – A feminist film-rating app

18 Feb , 2019  

My role in many projects is the one of a facilitator. I help others to work creatively and collaboratively. Sometimes this happens in longer projects sometimes it just happens in short workshops of two or three days.

Many of these workshops are revolving around some issues, which my clients would like to solve. The teams who follow my creative processes and tools are usually quite impressed by how much you can get done in a rather short amount of time, when you have the help of a professional facilitator. Nevertheless, very often the results of these short workshops are not very visible from the outside – be it because they have an internal focus or be it because the ideas that are developed are not publicly talked about. Because of that, it makes me extra happy when projects are going live and public which are very close to my heart.

Last Saturday, one such project went live. The initial idea was developed and iterated during two short workshops I facilitated for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Asia and then developed further and implemented by the team of feminist journalists, activists and academics from six Asian countries. They call it the mango meter, a feminist film-rating app.

Following the function of the feminist Bechdel Test, films run through the Mango Meter app are judged mainly by five basic parameters: representation, agency, interaction, sexuality/relationships and intersectionality.

A rating of one mango means a movie is very sexist, while five mangoes attest to it being fully feminist. (Jakarta Post)

I think many movies are still perpetuating a very traditional and old-school patriarchal mindset. This app hopefully helps in raising awareness and celebrating movies which are not like that.

The app is available on the Apple app store as well as the GOOGLE play store and I hope it will go viral in order to show the film industry that it should think about depicting a more modern and more human image of society in which women are treated as equals and not just beautiful side characters of a male hero.

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