Dr. Moritz Gekeler

Portrait of Dr. Moritz Gekeler

I am a personal coach and facilitator and I would be happy to work with you. My core expertise is agile leadership, creative collaboration and co-innovation. In 2015 I founded dolaborate GmbH as a platform to design engaging collaboration experiences and to develop individual leaders and change makers.

I work internationally with organizations of all sizes and individuals of all backgrounds. I support them by facilitating workshops and coaching individuals personally.

Teams who work with me usually want to achieve a co-creative goal. In other words, they want to shape a common strategy or develop an innovative product together.  

As a personal coach I work with leaders who deal with creative and agile teams. Above all, they can rely on my vast experience of applying agile and design methods in various industries and projects. But by asking the right questions and guiding my clients through their personal thought process I ensure that they form their own ideas. I also coach entrepreneurs and other change makers in their Endeavour to set up new ventures.

I have published articles, books and an online course in the context of creative collaboration and design thinking. For example, you can find some of my publications below.

A practical guide to design thinking. A collection of methods to rethink social change

A practical guide to design thinking
@ FES India

The Gender Unit of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), India Office took up the challenge of applying Design Thinking with partner organizations in the social rather than the usual business-oriented framework. A Practical Guide to Design Thinking gives you an insight into the process, the strengths, and specific challenges of the approach. It features experiences from the FES partner organizations and offers a practical guide to some of the methods that have been used throughout the process. Download it for free from the the website of FES India

The cover of the design journal
@ Taylor & Francis Online

How does design education need to change because of collaborative approaches?

This paper describes the changing role of designers in times of design thinking and service design increasing in popularity. These new participatory approaches expand the work of designers and thus, should be reflected in the way we teach design. If designers nowadays are demanded as facilitators and moderators of innovation processes, what role should educators take, to prepare students appropriately? Building on qualitative interviews with representatives of academia, industry and business, the paper highlights the new requirements and puts these in juxtaposition to the existing teaching model in Germany. While the industry is already adapting, the German educational system seems not yet prepared to teach the appropriate skills. The focus still lies much more on cultivating the individual craftsmanship of designers. The authors, therefore, propose a new model of design education with which they hope to inspire educational approaches for the development of collaborative capabilities and know-how.  Please find the paper on the website of Taylor & Francis for download

@ transcript Verlag

How do companies tell the stories of their sustainability?

The book “Konsumgut Nachhaltigkeit” is based on Moritz’ PhD theses at the Karlsruhe University of arts & design under supervision of Wolfgang Ullrich. It sheds light on the questions of how companies communicate the sustainability of their products through product design as well as other communicative activities such as advertisements, packaging etc. 

Buy the book (in German) on the website of transcript publishers