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Article: New paradigm of design education

11 Sep , 2017  

Together with Andrea Augsten we have conducted a study on the current design education in Germany. We wanted to understand how collaborative approaches such as service design, design thinking and co-creation influence the way how design students are trained. Since we both strongly believe in the power of collaborative approaches, we wanted to understand if and how the design education reacts to the demands in the industry and the design business.

From a master of crafts to facilitator of innovation

The is the abstract of the paper:

This paper describes the changing role of designers in times of design thinking and service design increasing in popularity. These new participatory approaches expand the work of designers and thus, should be reflected in the way we teach design. If designers nowadays are demanded as facilitators and moderators of innovation processes, what role should educators take, to prepare students appropriately? Building on qualitative interviews with representatives of academia, industry and business, the paper highlights the new requirements and puts these in juxtaposition to the existing teaching model in Germany. While the industry is already adapting, the German educational system seems not yet prepared to teach the appropriate skills. The focus still lies much more on cultivating the individual craftsmanship of designers. The authors, therefore, propose a new model of design education with which they hope to inspire educational approaches for the development of collaborative capabilities and know-how.

Published in The Design Journal

The paper has now been officially published in the peer-reviewed and renowned The Design Journal. It is publicly available here:

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