Are you a truly collaborative leader?

  • Do you lead collaborative, agile teams? Or do you want your team to be more agile?
  • Are you preparing your organization for a future in which silos are gone and teams truly collaborate? 
  • Do you see yourself as a service provider to the teams you are managing rather than a controller of other people? 

If so, you probably face quite a lot of challenges. 

Maybe your organization is not ready for the transformation towards agile? Sometimes your colleagues seem to be still stuck in an old mindset? Often you even have to re-think the whole business model of your organization, because digitalization changes everything? Or in the worst case, you personally already think about quitting your job, because you don’t feel that this old tanker of yours will ever move into an agile, collaborative future. 

Whatever it is. Coaching can help you figure it out!

Dolaborate coaching

Dr. Moritz Gekeler has vast experience in applying and leading agile and design driven projects. As a coach he works as your sparring partner and source of questions in order for you to make up your mind. 

Based on dolaborate coaching you will be able to develop the right mindset for yourself and to design your personal strategies for success. 

Based on proven coaching methods

Dolaborate coaching is based on the definition of coaching by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF is an international organization which claims to be the Gold standard of coaching. Therefore, they propose quality criteria for professional coaching. According to their definition „coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.“

Dolaborate coaching focusses on the individual personality but always looks at the team set-up. Collaboration does not happen alone after all. During the dolaborate coaching process you will build empathy with your future self. You will work on your personal purpose and how it affects your leadership style. You will deep-dive into your team set-up and the stakeholders you are dealing with. Based on the insights you get from this work, you will develop strategies for a collaborative leadership style. 

Design thinking based coaching style

Inspired by design thinking tools and methods dolaborate coaching works in a visual and iterative way. Usually dolaborate coaching happens remotely through a virtual call. 

During the session the coach will ask you questions which help you to make up your own mind. Your thoughts will be collaboratively documented on an online whiteboard, which only you and your coach can access. 

This way you will experience the power of your own brain in a completely new way. You will see your own ideas take shape and develop into something powerful and beautiful.