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10 Tips for a successful brainstorming session

21 May , 2016  

10 Tips for brainstorming

Brainstorming is an old collaboration method – originating as early as the year 1939. Despite its age people still apply it all across the globe. It almost has become a synonym for creative collaboration. The problem: it is usually done wrong. In this post you will learn how to facilitate a successful brainstorming session.

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How to find creative spaces?

11 May , 2016  

Kaos Pilots, Aarhus

If you are a facilitator of creative processes you will know the hassle we sometimes have to go through in order to find a space for creative collaboration. Such spaces are usually open. They enable flexible adjustments (eg. multiple seating options, movable tables etc.) and they should be inviting. A simple hotel meeting room with […]

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Women Economic Forum in Delhi

10 May , 2016  

Next week I will have the honor of speaking at the Women Economic Forum 2016 in New Delhi (WEF). If you attend, let’s meet and have a conversation about creative collaboration, entrepreneurship and empathy for your target customer/user.

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Approaches, Design Thinking

What is design thinking? – An introduction

5 May , 2016  

Summary: Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that involves multidisciplinary teams. It is based on the methods and the processes of (industrial) designers. It takes an optimistic perspective on the world perceiving problems rather as solvable challenges. It originates in design, but has transitioned into (innovation) management, education and other areas over the […]

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Approaches, Design Thinking

Design thinking workshop – A great misunderstanding!

3 May , 2016  

There is a lot of confusion out there, what design thinking really is. As the recent study of the HPI DT research program has shown, even in companies that have implemented the concept on a larger scale, a broad variety of definitions can be found. Some people say it is a mindset, others call it […]

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