We enable teams
to collaborate better.

By adding our creative and collaborative twist to the work
of your subject-matter experts we facilitate your creative engagement within your team, with other teams, other organizations, your end-users, partners or clients.

Let us design an engaging and motivating collaboration experience for your specific requirements.

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Collaboration Experience Design
Spend your work time well

Creative collaboration occurs whenever teams work together in order to create something new. In many cases it just happens, but just like any other product or service
it gets better with design.

What we do

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Workshop Facilitation

Moderated sessions for any number of participants which help them achieve their creative goals.

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Project Guidance

Companionship and process guidance throughout an entire creative
and innovative project.

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Training & Coaching

Training or coaching programs
to help teams and individuals
embrace creative collaboration.

How we do it

Based on our principles of collaboration experience design we engage your teams, end-users, partners or clients in a customized process that helps them achieve their goals.

Do you want to develop a new product, service or strategy? Are you in need of a future vision for your team? Or do you simply want to understand your customers’ needs better?

According to the specific requirements of each project and client, we develop exercises, workshop concepts or entire programs that allow every stakeholder to contribute their ideas and to participate in strategic decisions.


Who we are

To dolaborate means to work closely and effectively with others. This formula is the basis for our engagements. We therefore understand dolaborate GmbH as a plattform for collaboration. For each project we search and find partners, co-facilitators and friends within your organization, your clients’ organization and in our vast network of agencies, freelancers and training providers. This enables us to always provide the expertise that is needed for a given project.